Monday, February 9, 2015

10 Things To Look In A Guy, Before You Falling For Him

Love in the air.  Some of you are already in relationship, and some are looking for.  The single most important thing to desire by any human being is to love and be loved, I suppose, but then unfortunately, many are terrified and ruined by this one desire of “to love and to be loved,” whereas the fact is, it’s not the love that gives pain, but the wrong person that you fell for.  But then, no one tells you, neither in dinner table nor in social gathering, “different between right and wrong person for romantic relationship,” especially to South Asians.  No worries.  Thanks to the Internet.  We are here to help you, guide you and warn you and save you young minds from being wounded and inflicted by love and things.

Let's start from girls

There are all kinds of men out there, desperate to have you, love you and warm you, tell you that will never leave you, but you know it well, not every man comes to you are not what they claim themselves to be, but then some of these men are so good to fool you, seduce you, charm you and have you, just to realize later you have been fooled and trapped with wrong person to stuck with for rest of the life.  So how to differentiate douchebag from beanbag?

Here are the 10 things to look for in a guy if considering him as the Valentine of your life.

#1.  He Is A Walking Wikipedia

Nothing is sexier in a man than a smart mouth that knows to speak on anything from science to maths to history to geography to palm reading.  Life is lots of conversation, sex and cuddling only for sometime, so imagine you are locked with a man inside a room for 50 years of your life and he does not know to speak a thing.  How boring the life would be with the man!

We live in the world that is technically quite advanced, socially pretty intellectual and the man that is ignorant about the things around in totality are the last one to survive with ease in long run.  Is He Intellectual with at least average intelligence?  No?  Ignore the ignorants.

#2.  He Knows What He Wants and How To Get It

Having a girlfriend is nice, but life does not end up there.  Age comes with responsibilities and challenges and to be in the equation, one gotta be clear about his goals and ways to get in there.  Those who haven’t figured out are basically just a "boy" regardless of age, and getting into relationship with a boy is not fun unless you want to play man and take in charge of life and family.  Since most of the girls are not looking to be Indira Gandhi, it’s always wise to be aware about the guy’s ambitions and plans and how he is trying to get all those.  If he is confused, lost, clueless about his life and career but is not a teenage, better stay away from these "boyish man."

#3.  Money In His Pocket Ain't From His Father For Free

Yes, South Asian society is not same as western society that has a culture of working from young age for personal expenses, but that does not mean all youths here take money from parents for free.  Most of the pocket money comes here as a return to their assistance in parents’s business or household works. But then, there are some, who neither help parents nor do household work, still get his bikes and expenses all from parents or siblings abroad.  These kind of lazy irresponsible spoiled brats should be the big turn off to you for relationship.  So, find out how he has been paying back the returns.  If nothing, better keep your love for someone with dignity and integrity.

#4.  He Has Quality Friends

  “Same feathers flock together.” Friends are best clue to understand the kind and class of a person.   Never date somebody that hangs around with seemingly good-for-nothing classless friends.  There is very much of a chance, he too is good-for-nothing classless dude.

#5.  He Is Happy Go Lucky

 World is full of craps and cakes.  Success and failure is part of life.   Happy are those who do not get carried away with changes and situations and instead know to stay positive and optimistic towards present and future and stay cheerful always, whether it rains or snow.  That's the kind of man you need, that's the kind of daddy your kid needs.

#6.  He Does Not Always Kiss Your Butts

Sometime, it’s nice to be cheesy and stupid in love to make partner laugh and feel special but puppet in relationship is not something any real men want to be.  Real man has integrity, has desire, and has values, and never does compromise even if doing so would please you.  But then there are always exceptionals, who bow down to partner and do anything she says if doing so makes her happy.  These "Mr. Okay" you should never get into relationship with unless you want a puppet partner.

#7.  But He Knows To Cheer You Up At The End

Whatsoever, at the end of the day, it’s always the man that gotta play a small circus as a move to please his woman (most of the time, nature's law).  Bit of ego, all men need to know to give up to impress their women.  This is where you will know if you dating a narcissistic or not. Narcissistic will make you feel like crap.  Get with you in war of tug or cold war until you give up on his narcissism.  Does not know to express love and affection? does he feel small to take a move? Oh, poor apathic narcissistic soul, just leave him alone.  There are plenty of Casanovas out there with dignity and positions without arrogance.

#8.  You Are His Plan A, But He Has plan B As Well 

It's nice to dream about someone who is crazy about you, would die for you and die without you, blah blah bollywood romantic masala love story but in reality clingy men is last person you want to deal with EVER.  No relationships are built to break but everyone knows, sometime something happens and relationship has to be broken.  Do you want someone who would hang himself or jump off the bridge because of losing you or do you want somebody who can respect your decision and move on with life without creating any melodrama?

Matured perfect real man are realistic.  They come to your life with a readiness of being apart if times demand so, but until then make best out of it.

#9.  He Is Tough, Fears No Body

Q.  What is the first thing, every girl looks in a man?
A.  “Sense of feeling secured with him around.”

Whether muscular man or rich and famous man, it all simply means guarantee of security and that is the most important thing to any woman, after which only the love and romance comes in list.  Men's world is battle ground where everyone is competing to get the big shares of foods and places to secure his family and kids, and those men that are not tough and fearless, gonna have tough time in this competitive worlds, and you gotta eventually pay for it.

Tough here does not mean Mr. Hulk.  I meant mentally tough that knows to adhere to his principal, knows to face the world and deal with it, keep the wife and kids above all, and do anything law allows to protect them and self.

#10.  You See Him As A King Of A Small Kingdom From Your Future 

All romance in general leads to a simple thing.  Reproduction, creating family, healthy parenting and thus continuing the concept of life and nature or just simply stay couple, share loves and caring and stay happy.  Either way, relationship will bring a small new world in your life.  Look at his eyes, look at his skills, look at his health and ask yourself is he the one deserve to be the king of your future kingdom?  No?? Not at all?? Maybe he is not the one, you looking for.  Keep searching, there must be one.  Don't compromise.