Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How Nepalese Politicians Acted Matured Than Ever In This Tragic Mode

I am sure many of you must have been directed here with furious mind, reading the headline of the post.  "WTF! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?"

Chillax.  I am too of your kind when it comes to anger and frustrations towards these politicians for all the stupidity and corruption they committed in different level, but then there is a slight difference between some of you and me.  First, I don't call all politicians bad.  Some good politicians are there as well.  Second, I know to appreciate even enemy when they are right and did good.  Here, I am applauding politicians and their political parties for one specific reason at this specific point of time, not for yesterday nor will tomorrow if they remain rectum.  Just for this very particular moment, I appreciate them and applaud, for this very particular reason, that I hope you too gonna concord with.

Unlike many, I beg to differ with how politicians and political parties reacted aftermath of Earthquake.  I will put it point wise, to give the clarity to my opinions.

1.  Where are Youth Force, NSU, YCL Now??

Hey, they didn't get spacecraft to come from Mars to Earth.  I mean seriously, why people asked this question in first place.  Out of those 5000 died, some of them are also from YF, NSU and YCL.  Also, those spontaneous volunteers on ground helping others are from these wings as well.  Just because, they didn't come waving their parties flags, does not mean, they are not there.  They are there as NEPALI Youth right now.  Aren't you happy to see them rising above the political party and behaving like Nepali??

If these political wings would have gone there in field with their political flags, first of all spirit of volunteers would have been diluted.  Secondly, the very same audience would have again threw  question asking "Why, even for volunteering, you need to brand your political wing?"

So, this is one good thing politicians and their supporters and forces did.  They didn't think of branding their party and show off their numbers.  Thank you all political parties for not dividing society in this tragic mode.

2.  Where are Prachanda, Baburam, and "Neta Haru"?

They are sitting there at home watching "Star Plus."  You know I am kidding, right?  Of course, they are doing something in this critical situation as well, just like you, just like me, and just like many others.  Just because they didn't flaunt around with cameraperson, does not mean they are doing nothing.

This is actually very opportunistic moment to win the crowd.  Go to the earthquake-hit place with cameraperson, pick one brick, put it on paper or Facebook or appear on TV and one can become hero in this emotionally fragile state of society.  I am really glad that no politicians tried to capitalise this situation and fool the emotionally impaired Nepalese people.  Instead, they kept quiet and quietly doing things behind the curtain and I hope at this moment, they are seriously working on behalf of people.

Thank you all politicians for not using this tragic mode in boosting your own PR.

3.  Why opponent parties are not criticising government??

Maybe, they all are silently dividing all the aids among themselves.  Make sense to conspiracy mind.

I am thankful especially to maoists and other small parties outside the government.  They behaved very matured here.  For the first time, they have put national unity over politics.  It is very easy to hit the government and political parties in government at this kind of situation, because one can find thousands of mistakes in administration and governance, but they idealised, that this is not the right time to play politics. Very matured move by opponent parties.

Whatsoever, these are my assumption, maybe am too positive minded.  If my assumption are true, these Nepalese politicians acted very matured and nationalist for the first time in the history of my time.  

If you politicians are reading this, don't mistake me thinking, I forgave you for all the crap things you did in the past.  This appreciation and applaud is for this very particular moment for this very specific reason.  Just that, unlike others, I know to appreciate when someone acted good.  You are no difference.

This country needs this kind of attitude for  365 days a year until the new constitution is drafted.  Hope, this earthquake would have shaken you all up to desired state of country, which begs for cooperation, country above politics, nationalism above ideology.  Keep it up.  Ignore all the provocation asking you to appear on camera, asking you to gather your wings, asking you to criticise government and all.  You know it well, there are section of society who prefers anarchy.  Keep staying this way and maintain this coolheadedness.  Maybe one day me and my kind will change our mind and develop positive feelings towards you politicians over time if you all continue with such maturity.  For now, just thank you for this particular act of yours.