Sunday, July 5, 2015

"Life Is A Compromise" Is A Philosophy Of A Weak Mind

"Life is a compromise."

This is the single most out-dated philosophy perpetuated to general public of modern world and many have adopted this definition of life and ended up living in misery.

Abusive husband, and girl is asked to "Leave it now.  Compromise and live.  Life is a compromise."

Bitchy wife and guy is asked to "What can you do? Compromise and live.  Life is a compromise."

"Compromise with job, compromise with place, compromise with anything even you are not liking it because life is compromise."

This very philosophy has forced many people to fall into the pit of sadness and misery, remain there forever falsely believing "life is a compromise."  Reason this philosophy could embed in our culture and lives is because general publics from past generations were mostly peasants and working class.

I repeat, life is not a compromise.  Learn to adjust but never compromise (unless death is only choice left.)

Did you just notice what I said? - "Adjust."

Yes, adjustment is what we need to do; not compromise.

There is a huge difference between adjusting and compromising.

Let's say you are in crowded bus, a stinky and filthy passenger comes to you and asks, "can you please adjust by giving a little space to me...just until the next stop?"  Generally you do, right?  Here and there, we all are asked to adjust and we ask to adjust and we all have adjusted.  But, let's say you are on a long tour of 15 hours drive.  A stinky filthy person comes to you going to same destination and ask you, "can you please share your seat and adjust?" You don't.  No one does.  Because you are here asked to compromise your comfort for someone you would not be happy spending rest of your journey.

Let me make this more easy for you to understand,

What is adjustment?

Adjustment is an act of giving up something temporarily to maintain a harmony, and no one would mind nor should mind to give up things for temporary purpose if that would bring greater harmony.  Say, we adjust in local buses because we know it's a matter of couple of minutes of our life.  "It's okay.  Let's adjust, even if the person is stinky and filthy."

What is compromise?

Compromise is an act of giving up something permanently to maintain a harmony.  Giving up permanently the things that matter to you so dearly is the way to seed unhappiness.  You book a ticket thinking you would travel comfortably, reading books or watching movie or sleep as you wish and someone filthy person comes to you and ask you to give a little space and go in that manner until your last stop, isn't something you would entertain because it would jeopardise your journey with comfort.  You would not have minded if it is only for couple of minutes to an hour (that would be adjustment).  Here, you are asked to compromise your whole journey and you won't compromise.  No one does, unless the person is impressive enough or worth enough or respectful enough.

Hope, I cleared here the difference between adjustment and compromise?


Life is a journey.  You are a passenger.  Many people come and go.  Some bad situation comes, you have to adjust because it's only for sometime.  That bad situation will pass, you get your comfort and luxury back, journey goes on.

What will you do if a stinky filthy person comes to you and ask to share your seat and you have to be with the person until the last stop? because, in that case, it's not adjustment.  It's a compromise.

Your options are, 
1.  Fight for your right and tell the bus conductor that you are not going to share the seat.
2.  Get off the bus and find another bus.
3.  Share the seat but hate the journey every moment.

Spouse, children, career, neighbours, country, and places, etc are the passengers that would come to your life in this journey to share the seat.   Fine if they are adjustable.  What if turns out filthy and stinky?

Compromising is the last card to throw.  Until you have other options, never ever choose the compromise card.  In our modern world, our options are decided by laws and constitution.  First, try all the possible options to avoid compromise.  If you chose this card in first place, rest of your journey is shitty as hell.  

When people say life is a compromise - either they meant "adjustment" or they are simply the weak kinds who can't fight nor have guts to get off the bus, and to validate their weak minds, they say life is compromise. Or, they are simply living with outdated minds and social norms, who still haven't realised laws and norms of modern world, don't ask anyone to compromise in most case.

So, if you want to be happy, never compromise until you are left with no option.  There is no king, you are no peasant.  Those old days, there was a reason to say "life is a compromise."  Gone those days.  You are a human of a new world, which grants you all the choices to live as it pleases as a free human.

Do you still want to live with the philosophy of weak minds or peasants from kings' time? Think again.