Thursday, May 7, 2015

How To Turn This Earthquake Disaster Story Into An Era Of Opportunity

The Earthquake disaster that took thousands of lives, injured lakhs of people, cost millions to many and billions to country, cannot be called "happened for good", but then we cannot dwell in sadness and tragic mode forever.  Every incidents, every moments, good or bad, shape us in distinct way to make us a better person.  This Earthquake is no exception.  There too lies a silverlining, opportunities within this trouble.

We all are already seeing that silverline on horizon.  Spontaneous volunteers from all walks of lives, quiet politicians, helping hands coming together from across the globes, and people are literally saying "I Love My Government" for the first time, are the few hints to believe that this earthquake has shifted this country to a right track.  Oh wait, how can I not mention, we top-trended #gobackindianmedia.  Yeaaa!  What Prithivinarayan Shah could not unite, mother nature did for the first time in the history of Nepal.  However, this all will soon stop.  Lives will get back to it's usual routine, politicians will begin it's usual politics, helping hands will get back to it's usual business, and mother nature will quietly leave everything up to us to take it from there.

So, before the spirit cools down, unity breaks up, determination loses it tracks, we need to grab this moment and change it to opportunity of making better stronger New Nepal.  This is the chance of our lifetime, everyone seems in agreement but still many seems clueless on where to start from.

Here is The Nerd's Guide to New Nepal.

1.  Fix the politics:

Pre-earthquake, national politics was a mess, and the reason is ego-centric politics.  To be specific, maoists and small parties.  These groups have stuck into a very odd position.  They know the agenda that they carry has no support from people but then they cannot give up because their identity lies on those agendas.  What differentiate them from "big parties" are those agendas and thus they are in dilemma.  Post-earthquake, these small parties are in best position to safely land into bipartisanship politics without compromising self respect.  They all can blame this to Earthquake and safely land on consensual politics.

All they need to say, "considering the national crisis and the immediate need of national unity, we gave up all our political agendas and coordinating with Congress and UML to strengthen nation and people."

2.  Encourage Homecoming:

Many from Nepal may not believe that lots of Nepalese in abroad are in mood to return back.  They all want a good cause to mask their abandonment of abroad life.  This is the right moment for them to dodge questions about their homecoming, and many wish may there be a formal appealing of homecalling.

So, all parents, friends, relatives, employers, call them back home, if you by any chance, sense that they are not happy and wanting to return but ego and dignity and sense of embarrassment are holding them back.  They will fit here and find the ways to do things.  Just call them back.

3.  Create National Government and Constitution:

Yes! this is the perfect time to call for national government and finalise constitution.  As stated above, "for the national unity and integrity and stability." As simple as that -- no ego hurt, no dignity lost.

4.  Formalise and Organise Volunteers: 

One thing many Nepalese are not aware that they are very fortunate in sense, they all have place to live and somehow can manage to survive.  This is not the same with youths from many other nations.  They need to regularly go to work to survive, without which they cannot pay rent, pay bills, and thus volunteering is just "I-wish thing."  Moreover, Nepalese youths are mostly free and thus are ready to do anything for the country and society if are lead by proper team.  This is the right time to tap these volunteers and utilise for nation building.

Only government can initiate this and need to initiate this because we all know, given our resource and revenues, only ways to build this nation is through volunteer acts, and no Nepalese would mind that provided proper vision, lead, and promising future.

5.  Invent New Identity.

Mount Everest, Buddha, Sita, temples from Kathmandu and natural beauty of Pokhara, are our identity.  Oh ya, momo also.

This is the time to re-invent our pride, our identity, discover our potentials and establish our concepts and ideas, that future generation can scream and say "my pride, my identity."  We can begin from erecting a monument of our time, and then new buildings and infrastructures, and the show goes on.  A moment of Licchavi Era begins here right now if we believe so.

End Note

These are few things out of many that can be initiated right now for the nation, for the people, for the upcoming generations.  Today, we have risen above the politics, class, habitus and statures, genders and age.   Before it's all gone, we all need to act to give the continuity to this unity.

If things go right, we take credit.  If things go wrong, earthquake gets the blame.  This is the win-win situation without hurting ego nor compromising dignity.

Let's begin the process.  Let the soul of Bhimsen Thama smile.

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